Movies on Kickboxing

There are many movies made on Kickboxing. The most famous being “Kickboxer”, this film was made in the year 1989 starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Kickboxer is a story about an American kickboxing champion who is crippled in the event by opponent Tong Po and his younger brother Kurt Sloan played by Van Damme swears revenge. Movie shows how by unconventional training techniques Kurt becomes an expert Kickboxer. This movie accurately represents the combination of Karate and Muay Thai.

“Kickboxer 2- The Road back” was made in the year 1991 was the first in the sequence of sequels. Van Damme is not seen in this sequel as Kurt Sloan and Eric Sloan have already been shot dead by the bad Tong Po. In this movie the battle is taken up by Kurt’s brother David Sloan, who has to fight against Tong Po. The character is played by Sasha Mitchell.

“Kickboxer 3- The Art of War” has no connection with champion Tong Po and has a new story line but is considered a disappointment by many fans. This movie revolves around Sasha Mitchell as David Sloan.

“Kickboxer 4- The Agressor” again Sasha comes back as David and is confronted by Tong Po. This time David fights a battle to save his wife.

Movies on Kickboxing “Kickboxer 5- The Redemption” is last in the series. This movie ends the character of David Sloan as he dies. The sixth sequel was planned originally, but when the movie failed to good amount of profit this idea was discarded.

Then there is a movie “Beautiful Boxer” this movie is based on a true story where in a kickboxer Nong Toom’s deep desire to become a woman reveals when he wears make up to the ring. Nong Toom’s character is played by real life kickboxing star Asanee Suwan. This movie was made in English, Thai and Japanese with English subtitles.

Kickboxing is also seen in a few Indian movies like Naseeb, Ghayal, Gumrah and the very recent Lahore. So this fighting style is not new for us Indians.

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