Kickboxing may not be an alien sport for those who follow sports closely. The name “Kickboxing” too suggests that this kind of boxing involves kicking along with the use of fists. It is a sport played while standing and it chooses to end once the opponent reaches the ground. Some also refer Kickboxing as a sport with a mix and match of elegance and style with a dominance of Martial arts in it. Like all other sports kickboxing is not an exception and is played by men, women and even children.

This sport is frequently practiced for self protection, general fitness or as light, semi and full contact sport. In the full contact sport the men are bare-chested with their shorts in conjunction with the protective gears. The women wear tank tops and chest protection and other clothing with protective gears used by men.

Kickboxing The rules for amateurs or less experienced participants often allow them to use light or semi contact rules this is because the idea here is to just achieve points by executing some triumphing strikes. Therefore the clothing too changes from bare- chested to a t-shirt in order to differentiate it from full contact sport; however the gears used here are similar to that of full contact. In addition, though optional, head gears are also used by children below the age of 16 years. So, for a few who have chose to watch boxing in movies will be surprised to know that clothing is one of the sources to identify whether the sport is semi or full contact.

Kickboxing is always confused with the Thai form of boxing known as “Muay Thai”. But the rules of kickboxing differ a bit from Muay Thai, where the kicks are allowed below the belt as are strikes by knees and elbows.

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